(8) Trade-Fixtures Radeus 6x24" Gravity Bulk Bins with Swing-Down Arms


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$1,000.00 or best offer
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

This is a set of (8) 6" wide by 24" tall polycarbonate bulk bins used in a small natural foods store. We replaced these 4' of bins with a different size, and these are surplus. These are packaged and ready to ship.

These items are used but show very little wear. They did not hold coffee or other highly oily or resinous product. These bins hold a lot of product, and dispense it easily. They come apart and can be washed in a commercial dishwasher. The swing down arms allow workers to lower each bin down to a working height for easy filling of the bin from the top. You can see the bin-model at You can read more about the swing-down arms at

**** A few important notes ****: -- The the photos attached here showing the bins filled with product show the slightly narrower version. The bins being sold are 6" wide. (But this photo shows how the swing-down arms work to make the bins easy to fill from the top.) -- You will need a structurally solid shelf to mount these arms to. These are designed for use with Trade Fixtures' specific display shelf, but perhaps you could make it work with another shelf. Consult a qualified craftsman for proper application. -- The bins do NOT include the black plastic wedges shown in the link above, but these are not needed when using the swing-down arms. -- These ship in three large boxes 24 x 24 x 33". You pay shipping.

Item Retrieval: I ship at your expense, or you arrange your own pickup.


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