Grocery Manager

The Turnip Truck
Sunday, October 15, 2017

Position Responsibilities

Customer Service

  • Knows and adheres to quality standards for customer service, leads staff by example.
  • Greets all customers, offers suggestions/answers as needed.
  • Adheres to all guidelines around product recommendation and information.
  • Assists in any other departments as needed.

Personnel Management

  • Work with Store Director to hire qualified applicants.
  • Ensure thorough on-the-job training of new team members, standard operating procedure for the department, and ongoing training and development
  • of current staff.
  • Conduct performance evaluations with Store Director within the month they are due.
  • Take disciplinary action as needed following established policies.
  • Monitor hours for grocery staff within budget and review schedule.
  • Organize and attend meetings for staff as needed.
  • Ensure department staff is informed of storewide meetings and policy changes.
  • Ensure safe working practices and safety training for department staff.


  • Attend meetings to plan promotions, product mix decisions, store merchandising and advertising with Grocery Buyer.
  • Set standards for stocking. Oversee grocery staff members in maintaining an attractive and fully stocked store.
  • Ensure the department is following signage standards.
  • Coordinate planning of store layout and product locations for sales volume, aesthetics and shopping and stocking efficiency.
  • Monitor store resets and give feedback to Store Director.
  • Visit other stores for ideas on promotions and displays.
  • Cleaning schedule executed with staff.


  • Review department financial reports and take action where needed to meet sales, margin, turns and labor goals.
  • Attend trade shows when applicable.
  • Ensure inventory counts.
  • Ensure a fresh and dynamic grocery product mix by reviewing movement reports, discontinuing slow-movers, and picking up new items in conjunction with the grocery buyer.
  • Place grocery special orders for customers. Review all grocery product requests.
  • Purchase orders for non EDI ordering.

Other Responsibilities

  • Participate in setting sales, margin and labor goals for department with Store Director and Grocery Buyer. Review financial reports of departments’ performance and take corrective action as needed.
  • Assist with coverage in departments as needed.
  • Attend management team meetings and storewide meetings.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by Store Director.
  • Assist customers in all departments, in prompt friendly courteous manner, referring them to other staff when necessary.
  • Answer & route phone calls.
  • Daily reporting of 0 and 1s.
  • UNFI Negative inventory reporting.
  • UNFI invoice out of stock, bar code, vendor discontinue, and ETA reconciliation.
  • Perpetual inventory.
  • Scan for UNFI auto order accuracy and documentation.
  • Understand and ability to execute Catapult reporting.

Qualification Standards

  • Education/ Training: High School education or GED preferred, but not required.
  • Experience: Supervisory experience- hiring, training, taking disciplinary action, evaluating and directing work flow. Preferably one year of purchasing experience in a grocery store, specifically product knowledge of items buyers are purchasing. Experience developing systems and procedures.
  • Knowledge/Skills: Familiarity with natural foods and organic products preferred.
  • Computer skills: Word processing and spreadsheet. POS system familiarity. Ability to read financial reports.
  • Attendance: Regular, predictable attendance.
  • Other: Ability to identify trends in the marketplace, and to appropriately apply that knowledge to the store. Ability to maintain accurate records and to prioritize workload. Ability to work closely with others. Strong organizational skills and the ability to motivate and lead others to achieve department goals. Commitment to providing excellent customer service.

Position Requirements

Physical Demands

  • Vision: Ability to read financial reports and other job-related information pertaining to daily operations of department.
  • Hearing: Hearing required to converse with customers and co-workers.
  • Lifting: Up to 50 pounds on occasion.
  • Push/Pull: Carts/racks.
  • Kneeling: Occasional kneeling.
  • Climbing: Occasional climbing.
  • Bending: Frequent bending.
  • Reaching: Reach overhead, front, side and back.
  • Equipment Operation: Ability to safely operate department equipment.
  • Carry Objects: Ability to carry objects weighing up to 50 pounds.
  • Sitting: Frequent sitting.
  • Walking: Short distances to bring items from miscellaneous areas.
  • Standing: Frequent standing.

Mental & Psychological Demands:

  • Comprehension: Understands and retains directions.
  • Reading/Writing: Ability to read, write, analyze, interpret and understand instructions for equipment operations, company handbooks, policies and procedures, other written job-related documents including company postings. Ability to compose and write reports, business correspondence, including effective departmental memos, disciplinary notes/documents etc…
  • Speaking:  Excellent communication skills.
  • Decision Making: Ability to use excellent problem-solving techniques, to work autonomously and make independent judgments and decisions based on data/circumstance.
  • Attention to Task/Detail: Critical thinking skills. Organize tasks and set priorities.
  • Multi-Tasking: Perform and/or direct multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Interaction with Others: Outstanding customer service ability. Ability to interact with the public in a positive and friendly manner.
  • Co-workers: Work cooperatively with co-workers.
  • General: Maintain composure under all circumstances. Give training orinstructions. Ability to give clear directions. Direct or supervise others.
  • Communication: Excellent listening skills and ability to give clear instructions. Strong interpersonal communication skills.

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