• INFRA Deals offers you one point of contact to promote your brand to independent natural retail stores nationwide.
  • Promotions run for one calendar month and feature distribution as well as direct manufacturers. 




INFRA offers regional promotional opportunities! The Independent Choice™ flyer is now published in five regional versions with region specific pricing and regional Ads offered alongside national Ads.

National INFRA Deals Ad Rate: $3,500

Regional INFRA Deals Ad Rate: $900 


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Content Ads

Content Ads offer the opportunity to tell your company story, educate consumers with informational articles, and share recipes using your product. Content Ads are available to vendors with an accompanying National INFRA Deals Ad in the same month.

Content Ad Rates  

  • A: 5.25” x 3.75” $600
  • B: 5.25” x 5.625” $900
  • C: 2.625” x 9.4375” $750
  • D: 8” x 3.75” $900
  • E: 8” x 5.625” $1400

2017 Promotional Ad, TPR, and Content Ad Proposal Deadlines

Submitting Proposals

  • Discounts must be available through UNFI, KeHE, and Nature’s Best powered by KeHE.
  • Aggressive discounts must be provided that reflect INFRA’s total sales volume.
  • OIs must be accompanied with an MCB.
  • Brands eligible for national promotions are not eligible for regional promotions.


  • TPR Promotions are set up the same as Ads except that they do not appear in the flyer or as a digital promotion.
  • TPRs are only available on the national level (no regional TPRs).
  • TPRs are accepted at no charge for brands running four or more ads per year at one TPR per two Ads.
  • New vendors that meet the criteria listed below may submit a New Vendor TPR for a fee of $700.
    • Vendors have not previously run a Promotional Ad with INFRA.
    • Vendors do not yet meet the distribution requirements for a Promotional Ad.
    • Vendors are performing well in INFRA member stores.


  • Distribution EDLPs must be facilitated through UNFI, KeHE, and Nature’s Best powered by KeHE.
  • EDLPs can run though Select Nutrition for their unique brands.
  • EDLPs must run a minimum of six months.

                                       Additional Brand Support

Group Buys

Group Buy opportunities are available regionally. These opportunities are committed buys from INFRA members with a total minimum order requirement as a group. This gives you the opportunity to execute a large committed buy to INFRA member stores. The discount offered must be consistent with a large buy and cannot coincide with an INFRA Deal offered on the same product line. 

New Placement Offers (NPOs)

New Placement Offers gives you an opportunity to gain distribution in INFRA member stores for new and high performing items. NPOs are a selective offering sent out as a monthly email to INFRA members. 

NPOs must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. New line or new SKU from a high performing brand
  2. Line or product with low placement that is showing outstanding growth in INFRA member stores and has superior product qualities
  3. Wildcard item(s): must be innovative, have superior product qualities, and be deemed an overall excellent match for INFRA members

To be featured in the NPOs, please present items directly to INFRA for consideration. There is no fee for participation, only the cost of the product fill to the members requesting placement.

Academy of Retail Training (ART)

The Academy of Retail Training is an online staff-training program for INFRA members. These 24/7 courses are broken into lessons, topics and quizzes that highlight key points of the material. ART makes it possible to reach more customer-facing employees for fewer dollars and time. Email for information on vendor participation.

Buyers Newsletter

This quarterly newsletter goes out to INFRA buyers, offering pertinent, up-to-date information on INFRA programs, upcoming events, and opportunities related to monthly promotional themes, product updates, as well as seasonal opportunities. 

Category Management Reviews

Category Reviews provide INFRA members with in-depth consumer insights and customized analysis from market data as well as INFRA specific data. This provides the framework for members to execute category management to optimize product decisions and manage competitive landscapes.

The customized Category Reviews offer you two main opportunities to partner with INFRA:

  • Participation in the Review Process: We invite brands to partner with us that can provide leadership and added benefit to INFRA members through their participation and collaboration in the review process.
  • Product Distribution: Vendors have the opportunity to offer first time placements to INFRA members to fix-the-mix and gain distribution for new products. Products selected for this must be a top seller for filling voids or be new products with superior product qualities.

Annual Conference - July 15-18, 2017 (dates subject to change) 

The INFRA Annual Conference has continued to grow each year, drawing members from all over the country. The conference offers members a variety of workshops, small group activities, promotional best practice sharing, and a vendor tabletop show. 

The tabletop show is a great opportunity to meet with INFRA members one-on-one to educate them about products as well as offer special show deals. Participating vendors receive first priority for full tables. New vendors have an opportunity to participate in the show through a limited number of half tables. These half tables are intended for young brands with superior product qualities to build new relationships with INFRA members.


INFRA is a founding member of IX-ONE™, a membership based product information and image solution launched in collaboration with industry-leading partners.  We strongly encourage our supplier partners to look closely at IX-ONE™ and consider becoming members. For more information contact IX-ONE™ at (904) 512-3200 or


INFRA is a key account of SPINS. Reports are available for purchasing showing the distribution, promotional performance, and overall and store level sales. For more information, contact SPINS at (847) 908-1200 or

For more information contact:

Danelle Rydel, Director of Fresh
(651) 888-4735

Kate Fletcher, Grocery (Frozen, Refrigerated, RTD Beverages)
(651) 888-4703

Sarah Super, Wellness
(651) 888-4715